Why should I add my mobile number?

Adding your mobile number to your account ensures that people who do not have your email address, or are unsure which email address you have associated with your CURAGO account, can easily send Event Invitations to you via CURAGO. Once your mobile number is associated with your account, you will no longer receive SMS or text message invitations, allowing all communication to flow through your CURAGO account.

Who sees my information and calendar?

Rest assured, all your information stays private among your family members. Members outside of the family will only see the specific events within their CURAGO calendars that they have been invited to by you or others.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password anytime by signing out of your account, and then pressing the ‘Forgot Password’ link either from the log-in screen of the CURAGO App or web access. An email with a one-time use link will be mailed to your email address on file that will guide you through the reset process.

If I delete the CURAGO App, do I lose all of my data?

No, all the information that you enter into CURAGO is stored on our secure servers, and not on the individual device or computer. Once you sign in to a new device with your secure log-in credentials, your information will automatically be loaded into the CURAGO app.

What platforms and browsers can be used to access my CURAGO Account?

CURAGO is currently available for iOS, Android and web access.The CURAGO App requires iOS 11 or above for Apple devices, and as of August 23, 2018 we no longer support versions of the CURAGO App below 2.0.For Android, CURAGO is currently supported on Nougat v7.0 and up.With web access we recommend the most current browser version of Safari, Firefox, or Chrome for web access. Note: CURAGO does not support use with beta versions of browsers or iOS.


How do I schedule events for others in my family?

When creating an event, there are images or avatar of all your family members at the top of the screen. When you tap on these avatars, those family members will be added to the event.

Why do my family members not see my iCal imported events?

We put a lot of thought into iCal sync and came up with a unique way to prevent that dreaded ‘calendar clutter’. When navigating to the Settings – iCal section of the app, we have two settings in the application for each calendar imported. One setting allows you to show/hide your own iCal calendars from your view in CURAGO (the check box), and the other to show/hide each iCal calendar with your family (the lock icon).

Can I share events with others outside of my family?

Yes, you can share any event with people outside of your family. If you allow CURAGO to access your phone’s contacts, you can easily send invitations to events via email or cell phone number. Once individuals accept or decline invitations, you can easily see their attending status for the event.

What are themes?

Each Event in CURAGO can be customized to display one of unique Themes with text to provide more customizability to your event invitations. We continually work to add new selections and update these regularly.Recently we made a change to where Themes are accessed for Events. When creating events you can choose to customize your event with Themes, and these can be found below the Date and Time selection areas.

Can I use photos and videos from my device as a theme? 

Yes, Themes can now be customized with photos and even videos that you have on your device! Each video used for a Theme is generated as a 5 second loop, and can even utilize sound should you choose. 

Family Setup

What does 'User is in another family' mean?

Users of CURAGO can only belong to one family at any given time. If you see this message for an invitee to your family, they have either accepted an invite to another family, or they have started the process of setting up their own family. To resolve, simply have the invitee either leave their current family, or have them delete the family they have start to create from the ‘Manage My Family’ section. Once complete, the invitee will be able to accept the previous invitation sent via email.

How do I add members to my family that don't have an email account?

To add a member to your family that does not have an email account (i.e. young children, pets, etc.), head over to the ‘Me’ tab in the bottom right navigation bar and tap the Settings icon in the top right navigation bar (gear icon). From here tap the ‘My Family’ section and a ‘Create Junior Member’ is an option provided, that allows you to setup a profile that only requires a name to be assigned to the new member.


Why can't all my family members see my lists?

First ensure that the list is marked ‘Visible to Family’ by opening the list and ensuring the lock icon in the top navigation bar is set to an inactive or off state. If the issue persists, this is typically due to invitees not completing the family join process. Users that have not accepted the invite to your family will not have access until the process is completed. From the ‘Manage My Family’ section you can quickly see if a person’s invitation to your Family is still ‘Pending.’ Once the invitation is accepted and the person is a part of your family, all lists that are marked ‘Visible to Family’ will be displayed.

How do I delete items from my lists?

List items can be deleted or removed from a list by tapping the 3 dots in the top right nav bar and turning on the Alphabetical sort function. Once this is on, simply swipe left on items to reveal a delete button for that item. 

Other Helpful TOPICS

How do I turn on the iPhone CURAGO widget feature?

The CURAGO Widget allows for a quick glance, and access to the app from the Widget screen of you iPhone. To activate, swipe right on your device from your lock screen or main device screen, scroll to the bottom where you will find an ‘Edit’ button. Tap ‘Edit’ to access Widgets that you can activate, and arrange the order they appear. Once active, the CURAGO Widget displays ‘What’s Next’ and will open the app to that Event when tapped on. Additional quick access buttons to the ‘Add’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘List’ sections are available as well.

I am having issues with my CURAGO App, and it keeps crashing!

Many app issues in general can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. Rest assured all your CURAGO data is safe and sound as it is stored on our secure servers, and not on your individual device or computer. Once you reinstall, and sign in to the app, your information will automatically be loaded into the CURAGO app. If deleting and reinstalling the CURAGO app does not resolve the issue, please email us at with details about the problem.

I need more help!!

How do I delete my account? 

We hate to see you go, but contact us at with your request. Please provide your email address associated with your CURAGO account.