Family Focus: Meet the Maucere Family


The CURAGO Community consists of amazing families, each with a unique story that inspires us.  The CURAGO Family Focus Series was created in celebration of our community by sharing the stories of our CURAGO Families.  Every few weeks, we will be interviewing a new family.  If you would like your family to be featured, send us a message!  


Tell Us About Your Family

We are a pretty nerdy family! Whether it's Star Wars or Mickey Mouse, when we love something, we LOVE it! Craig works as an HR Professional for a small business in Fort Worth, TX. He loves plane spotting and college football. Nikki owns her own promotional marketing company, BluPlume Promotions, and also teaches music to young children. She is passionate about going on adventures and creating new things! Emilia is 5 and just started kindergarten. Tap, ballet, music, and art are her favorites, and she wants to be an artist and a mommy when she grows up. Luca is 2 and has a knack for anything involving a ball. People comment on his accurate throwing skills, and we hear his singing voice all day long. We love spending time together, going to church, and making as many memories as possible.


What Are Your Biggest Parenting Joys?

Of course we love the snuggles and sweet moments, but watching our kids grow and develop is the absolute greatest. Whether it's taking responsibility for their actions, learning to stand up for themselves, tackling a new developmental milestone, or working hard to learn something new that they love to do, cheering them on has been so rewarding.


Does Your Family Do Anything Special To Help Others?

We're trying to raise our kids to give generously to others. Kindness is one of our core values, and we actively look for ways to be kind and pour into others. Whether we're paying someone a compliment, saving money for a cause, picking up trash, or bringing a meal to a friend in need, kindness is always on our mind.


Does Anyone In Your Family Have Special Needs?  

Luca was diagnosed a year ago with mixed receptive-expressive speech disorder, and that was about the time we started using CURAGO. We needed to manage all of his therapy appointments, and since those tend to change often, we still rely on it to this day.


What Are The Challenges You Face In Organizing Your Family In Your Daily Lives?  How Has CURAGO Helped?

As an entrepreneur, Nikki's schedule is changing constantly. No two weeks are the same. Before CURAGO, Craig had pretty much no idea what was on our schedule without asking Nikki. CURAGO has been life changing. We're both on the same page all the time, and that feels like a miracle!


What Is Your Evening Routine, And How Does CURAGO Fit Into That?

Every night before bed, Craig and Nikki review the next day's agenda and figure out any small details that need to be addressed. It goes so quickly since most everything is already in the calendar!


Do You Have Any Parenting Tips/Tricks You'd Like To Share?

We talk a lot in our family about "handling it." You can do almost anything as long as you can "handle it" - meaning that the activity does not cause a problem! It's a great quick phrase that automatically lets our children know the behavior we expect. We also remind them that if they can't handle the no, they can't handle the yes. If I ask them to turn off the iPad and they throw a fit, then they probably aren't mature enough to handle it yet. Throw a fit because we're not having dessert tonight? Perhaps a break from desserts is a good idea.


What Are Your Favorite CURAGO Features?

The calendar feature is definitely the thing we use most. We check it multiple times each day!


What Are Your Favorite CURAGO Features?

As much as I love the calendar, the lists have been life changing as well. We use them for everything - groceries, household to-do lists, packing lists, work to-do lists, but our favorite way to use them is for prepping for a party or going out of town. Nikki will often make a list of all the things that need to be done before the event/trip, and it's so easy for both of us to see at a glance what's been done and what still needs to be completed. No more "what do we do next?" or time wasting!