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We live in an amazing time. A time where incredible technology is literally at our fingertips at any given moment. According to a 2015 study from Pew Research Center, 86% of Americans 18-29 years old and 83% of Americans 30-49 own a smartphone. Given these stats, it’s safe to say that most people we interact with use technology to work, play, socialize and manage their calendar daily. Our phones have become much more than just a device, but rather a life hub where we capture memories, complete tasks, or purchase services. Now more than ever, there’s truly an app for everything… plus a couple million more. 

 In so many areas, tech savvy living provides ease and efficiency. Ran out of something? Order it straight from an app and it shows up the next day, with free shipping. Out on the town for the night and need a ride home? Use an app to quickly book and pay for one and you’re well on your way! It’s as easy as clicking an icon. It’s amazing what capabilities we have in the palm of our hand. In an age where this type of functionality is readily available, it seems contradictory that stress levels remain so high and we live in a constant state of hustle. We are surrounded by so much technology that ideally we should be the most productive and relaxed people on the planet…. but, are we? Ask any Mom how relaxed she feels on average, and you’ll probably get a laugh! 

With all of the advancements in tech, the area of productivity and organization at home is still lacking. Parents typically use a variety of products and strategies both traditional and digital, to try and find a solution that makes them feel completely organized. The need to constantly update and maintain all of these things makes the process of managing a family anything but efficient. 

 Juggling several schedules daily, parents find themselves collecting information and details regarding their family’s events from just about everywhere. We read emails and newsletters, check text chains and social media, consume and process numerous app notifications, and surprisingly still collect piles of handouts. 

 All of this scattered activity has turned managing family organization into a fragmented and time consuming chore. Sure, there are several “productivity apps” and “shared calendars” in the app store, but none of them have completely met the custom needs of today’s busy modern families. 

Families need a cross-device, cross-platform organizational tool that can keep up with the pace of real life. They need a shared family organizer that can consolidate information and communication, keeping needed event details in one location. They need customized privacy options and specific sharing features, and they need all of these features for free. 

Families need CURAGO. 

 CURAGO empowers families to use technology the way it was intended: to simplify and improve their lives. By recognizing and relating to the needs of modern active families, connecting them to information and each other, CURAGO brings a fresh and modern perspective on family organization and community. 

 Download CURAGO in the App store today to discover the better way to stay connected with your family.